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Whatever your definition of adventure, we have it all. We partner with Backroads, Uncruise and other suppliers to deliver the adventure of a lifetime!

Adventure Travel - ZNG Cruises and Retreats, Clearwater, Florida


 Our thoughtfully crafted cycling vacations have been perfected with decades of experience—from the Rocky Mountains to the Tuscan countryside to the rural villages of Vietnam. Our bike trips are led by expert Trip Leaders who know the most scenic biking routes—far from the crowds and immersed in the beauty of the region you’ve come to discover. Whether it’s wide-open vistas, quaint local towns or simply one thrilling or leisurely bike ride after another, a bike tour will forever raise the bar on what an active vacation can be. 


Sometimes the greatest beauty can only be appreciated at a slow pace—on two feet, immersed in the stories and the world around you. Backroads walking and hiking tours are crafted to offer our guests an unfiltered and genuine connection to the culture, the landscapes, the people and the natural beauty of the place they’ve come to discover. Our collection of walking tours will take you from the misty islands of Vietnam to the red rock canyons of Utah and everywhere in between, while enjoying luxury and world-class service. Our walking and hiking trips are led by expert Trip Leaders who know the most scenic trails and local secrets that elevate the adventure from an active vacation to a journey of a lifetime. 


Adventure travel is active thrills amid remarkable landscapes. It’s diving into rich cultures and scenic wonders in a new corner of the world. Join us biking, hiking, paddling and so much more on these incredible itineraries, expertly planned to highlight the unique character of your destination. Experience a region from different angles, discovering exhilarating activities and immersing yourself in its culture and scenery. If you’re a spirited traveler with a natural curiosity, our adventure tours were designed just for you.


Set your own easygoing pace on a new kind of journey that explores a region up close and in depth. A trip that’s tailored, not packaged. With Backroads Trip Leaders taking care of all the details. A private van to support you along the way. Local experts sharing secrets. The comfort of an exclusive resort—without the walls or crowds. And the freedom to choose how each day unfolds, whether it’s adagio or a bit uptempo. Welcome to active travel the way you want to play it: Dolce Tempo.

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 Backroads Active Safari is a truly immersive adventure. Bike and hike to your heart’s content as you explore exhilarating destinations. Ride in open-top Land Rovers for intimate close-ups of spectacular African wildlife. Trek in the Himalayas along Nepal’s famed Annapurna Trail. Gain access to a wide diversity of landscapes, including enormous national parks and private game reserves. Stay in some of the world’s most luxurious lodges. 


Want to see some of our favorite destinations in a brand new way? Just add snow and a sprinkling of Northern Lights! From Yellowstone to the Canadian Rockies to Iceland, winter just got infused with a whole new level of adventure. Think snowshoeing, unforgettable wildlife viewing in breathtaking winter wonderlands, cross-country skiing amid spectacular frozen waterfalls, and even gazing up at the incredible Aurora Borealis.


What better way to immerse yourself in a new part of the world than with a cooking vacation?! Delve into the local foods and culinary traditions that make each country or culture so unique. On our Active Culinary Tours, tap into your inner foodie and experience a culinary-focused adventure in a savory destination like Tuscany or Provence. Our expert trip designers have crafted cooking tours that blend walking and hiking with a region’s culinary story, including cooking classes, personalized visits to local farms, tastings of local specialties and of course, unforgettable meals. Stroll, sip and savor your way through these delectable itineraries. A French or Italian cooking vacation has never been so ready for consumption!


The same immersive adventures you know and love, but this time, shared in the company of all women. We invite you to prioritize yourself, travel in style and engage with the world. This is your space: where you can be thousands of miles from everything you know, but instantly feel at home.

Women Solo Travel - ZNG Cruises and Retreats, Clearwater, Florida
Uncruise Adventure - ZNG Cruises and Retreats, Clearwater, Florida
Their small boats and crew expertise redefine what’s possible on a cruise: Flexibility. Authenticity. Active exploration. Unmapped territory. Sustainability. All-inclusive, all of the time.

Uncruise Adventures offers cruise travel without a port.