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Sacred Feminine Retreat – UK


Embrace Your Sacred Feminine Power in Glastonbury!

April 19th – April 21st 2024

Rediscover Your Feminine Essence Through 

🌹 Belly Dance, Chakra Meditation and Women Circles 🌹

Get ready for a mesmerizing journey of self-discovery at our upcoming dance meditation retreat in the mystical land of Glastonbury this April! 🌟💃

Embark on a transformative journey with us to the heart chakra of the world, Glastonbury! ✨🌍

Our retreat, born from a dream, is a celebration of the Sacred Feminine, a journey inspired by the Rose Womb Mysteries of Avalon.

Walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene,  and her enlightened ancestors as you re-weave the sacred balance within your body and heart 🌹✨

Immerse yourself in the enchanting energies of Glastonbury as we explore the depths of feminine wisdom, embracing the sacred connection between



It’s like having a powerful and positive goddess energy within us.

This energy brings healing, understanding, gentleness, care, and the wisdom of our bodies.

It’s a bit wild, free-spirited, full of inspiration and creativity, and brings a sense of peace and harmony.

Even if we don’t always notice it, this special energy is part of everyone, waiting to be set free.

To wake it up is like saying it’s okay to be exactly who you are, loving every part of yourself. It’s like giving and receiving love at the same time.

Expressing Creativity:

We’re all creative in our own ways. We can paint, sing, write, or even dance.

Dance has been around for a really long time and used for all sorts of things, like special ceremonies, playing, and being together.

These days, dance is part of many of our lives in different ways.

For lots of people, dance is a way to express themselves—it’s like meditation, it makes you feel better, and it helps connect the parts of you that make you feel good but might be a bit hidden.


Glastonbury, known for its magic, is crisscrossed with ley lines, like Earth’s energetic pathways.

Standing on these lines awakens something powerful, boosting emotions and well-being.

It’s a spiritual hub, sparking deep healing and esoteric practices.

(The Irish believed ley lines were secret paths to fairies)

Heart Chakra of the Planet:
Glastonbury’s ley lines create energy vortexes like chakras.

Here, you’ll feel the loving energies of Earth’s heart chakra, a cosmic connection point filled with love and compassion.

Healing Waters of Chalice Well: Picture a fairytale where sweet waters bubble up at Chalice Well.

This ancient sanctuary, with its Red Spring rich in iron and White Spring with calcium carbonate, is a place for self-reclamation and healing.

Journey to the Sacred Mysteries:

Feel the call to Avalon, a homecoming for integrating sacred mysteries vital for Mother Gaia’s healing.

Walk the path of enlightened ancestors, reweaving the sacred balance within.


Day 1 Friday 19th April:

  • Arrival in Glastonbury / Welcome / Sunset walk white spring wells and Temple / Heart Chakra Activation / Group Meditation

  • Welcome Dinner 

Day 2 Saturday 20th April:

  • Morning Session 1: Chakra Meditation / Open circle & group energy & journaling

  • Breakfast

  • Morning Session 2: Goddess Manifesting Ceremony for self-love, strength and empowerment / Belly dance session 

  • Lunch

  • Free time

  • Chalice Wells Visit / Divine feminine  release & purification

Day 3 Sunday 21st April:

  • Morning Session 1: Manifesting ritual & prayer & journaling

  • Breakfast

  • Morning Session 2: Glastonbury Tor

  • Lunch

  • Free time

  • Departure


1. Full House Exclusive:Enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fully booked house just for our retreat participants. Immerse yourself in a space that fosters community, shared experiences, and the magic of togetherness.

2.Culinary Connection: Food is not just a necessity; it’s a celebration of community. Revel in the joy of communal cooking as we share recipes, create delicious meals together, and nourish both body and soul.

3.Sacred Sites Exploration: Embark on visits to the White Spring Wells and the mystical Glastonbury Tor. Immerse yourself in the ancient energies of these sacred places, connecting with the history and spirituality that defines Avalon.

4.Belly Dance and Divine Feminine Meditation: Indulge in the rhythm of your own essence through belly dance. Dive deep into a heart chakra-opening experience and sacral chakra meditation, guided by the divine feminine. Reclaim your birthright and embrace the transformative power within.

£397* / per person (Approx $503)
£100 deposit required to book your place (Approx $125)

*Price includes food, accomodations, all dance and meditation classes plus all sacred sites explorations.


* 3 days and 2 nights at our wonderful UNIVERSAL HARMONY RETREAT

* Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price

* Daily meditation & belly dance sessions 

* Visit to: White spring wells and & Temple, The chalice and wells garden and Glastonbury Tor



Transport to and from Glastonbury

Pre or Post retreat tours