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A Wellness Retreat for Parents:

A Weekend of Self-Care, Renewal, and Skill-Building

February 23-25, 2024
​Utuado, Puerto Rico

This retreat offers an opportunity for us as parents to pause, reconnect with who we are, and learn tools to support ourselves on our parenting journeys. The content of the retreat will help us to become less reactive and more connected with both ourselves and our children. 

Taking time out for a retreat for ourselves is not selfish. It is crucial to take breaks and spend time without our children, however hard that might feel, so that we can recharge and give back to our families with more authenticity, kindness, and patience. Treat yourself and your family by joining us on this retreat to help you change the way that you show up for yourself and as a parent. 

Everyone in the family deserves to get their needs met, to feel supported, and to feel connected and loved. Even children who behave badly should be treated with love, kindness, and patience, but this can be hard to do if we were not treated in that way when we were children. Parents also deserve to feel competent and worthy. We too deserve to have our needs met and to take time out to recharge and reconnect with ourselves. This retreat will enable us to meet everyone in the family’s needs more effectively. 

Who is This Retreat For?  
This retreat is for each and every parent, but especially if you feel any of the following:

  • Short tempered with your children.
  • Angry and burnt out with your children.
  • Frustrated that your children won’t listen without forcing or manipulating.
  • Ashamed for how you treat your children.
  • Insecure and overwhelmed by parenting.
  • You need a break and some time for yourself.
  • You are repeating negative patterns from your own childhood.
  • You want to learn some new parenting skills that will help create more connected relationships with your children. 


Throughout this retreat, we will practice yoga – including movement, meditation and breathwork. Yoga philosophy will guide us through this journey. All levels of yoga experience are welcome, including complete beginners. 

The content of this retreat applies to raising children of any age. Come on your own or with a partner. 

Tentative Retreat Schedule:

Friday – Understanding Ourselves
3pm Check-in and Relax
4pm Opening Ceremony and Peace Begins with Me Workshop: The importance of me-time, self-reflection, and self-regulation to reduce our reactivity 
5.30pm Dinner
7pm Face Your History So it Doesn’t Dictate Your Present: A workshop to reflect on our own childhood so that we don’t project on our children 
9pm A Slow Yoga and Meditation Practice: Playing with the concepts of liking and accepting ourselves. Finding kindness, patience, and compassion for ourselves as we breathe and stretch, so we can offer these qualities to our children

Saturday – Understanding our Children
8am Yoga and Pranayama (yoga breathing): Finding a new perspectives with an open heart and mind
9am Breakfast
10am Viewing our Children Through New Lenses Workshop: What does their bad behavior actually mean? What are their needs? How do conventional responses to “bad” behavior affect our children?
Noon Lunch
1pm River Exploration: Finding joy in the details of life
4pm Tools for Parenting with More Ease Workshop: Conscious listening, nonviolent communication, boundary setting, empowering our children, and repair
5.30pm Dinner
7pm Emotional Intelligence Workshop: How can we support ourselves and our children when we are having big feelings?
8.30pm Holotropic Breathwork: A powerful way to move stuck emotions

Sunday – Becoming the Parent You Want to be
8am Yoga, Mantra Chanting, and Meditation: Nourish ourselves in ways that support our nervous systems to feel safe
9am Breakfast
10am Workshop to Practice Becoming a Metta Parent: Grow into a parent who is both full of loving kindness and a reliable leader, even in moments where we are triggered, and/or where our children are having a hard time 
12.00 Hike and Silent Meditation: Find connection with ourselves and nature as well as peace within
12.45 Lunch
3pm Closing Ceremony: Reflect on the learnings of the weekend and how to take action when we return to our families, followed by a final meditation
5pm Depart


  • Double occupancy – $865 per person
  • Single occupancy – $1,115 per person

Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable (you can find someone to replace you). Payment plans and part scholarships are available.

Airfare and ground transportation is additional. Optional Pre and Post Retreat activities are available.

Benefits of the Retreat
This retreat will help you to: 

  • Show up as a parent with more confidence, kindness, understanding and compassion in the present moment.
  • Become less reactive to what triggers you in life.
  • Have more skills to navigate emotions and behaviors.
  • Feel more connected to your children and find more appreciation and joy for them in small moments together.
  • Receive practical guidance on how to navigate family life more smoothly.
  • Experience self-care in a stunning space with good healthy food, comfortable and beautiful accommodation, and fresh air, while surrounded by nature.
  • Enjoy time to reflect and grow in a supportive environment.
  • Connect with other lovely parents also willing to learn and grow.
  • Practice daily yoga, plus journaling, mediation, breathing exercises, hiking and water exploration


About the host:

Daniella Gould understands what it is like to struggle as a parent. She felt ashamed and incompetent when her son tantrumed and raged. She yelled, judged, criticized, controlled and felt like a horrible mother. Facing parenting challenges, she combined yoga philosophy and psychology to create a transformative course, positively impacting both herself and her son. With 4 years of experience leading life-changing Parenting with Yoga workshops, she offers guidance for parenting with love and kindness. Currently writing a book on the topic, she is also the owner and lead instructor at Santosa Yoga and Health in Puerto Rico, where yoga principles enrich her classes, workshops, and retreats. 

Daniella  holds a MA in Asian Studies from UC Berkeley, is RYT 200, Y12SR (addiction recovery), and breathwork certified. She has also attended multiple trainings, including trauma, resilience, self regulation, inner child work, parenting, social justice, meditation, and mindfulness.